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Spirit Commercial Fitness Expands Strength Series - SP-43

Spirit Commercial Fitness has announced a new series of selectorized strength equipment that will give fitness business owners even more sleek, durable and high-value options to choose from when building out their strength training sections. The SP-43 Series focuses on building strength while keeping stability and comfort, and consists of 24 new products that are each designed with: - adjustable platforms to keep users in a comfortable and optimized position - top quality seat pads that provide safety and a well-aligned seated position - an integrated rep counter to help users keep track of their workout and built-in storage on the top cap “With the comfort of the member in mind, we have added some extra creature comforts to our line of fully commercial strength products such as triple stitching to give the upholstery that sports car interior look. We have also added gas adjustment features, along with rep counters, for the members convenience,” said Brent Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Spirit Commercial Fitness. The products in the SP-43 Series include:

- Prone Leg Curl - Standing Calf Extension - Standing Biceps/Triceps - Pulldown/Seated Row - Fly/Rear Delt - Lateral Raise - Glute - Low Row - Hip Adduction/Abduction - Hip Trainer - Dip/Chin Assist - Lat Pulldown - Deltoid Trainer - Seated Leg Press - Back Extension - Abdominal - Triceps Extension - Biceps Curl - Seated Leg Curl - Leg Extension - Torso Rotation - Shoulder Press - Seated Row - Seated Chess Press

All of our commercial strength equipment are built to be durable and last many years, and it’s backed by an excellent warranty that Spirit Commercial Fitness is known for, showing the fitness business owner that we are a lifelong partner.

For more information about the SP-43 Series, go to


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