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Our digital hook point for your facility. Its intuitive interface transforms strolling into a breeze. Mesmerize your members with wireless mirroring and leading third-party apps. With EX-console, cardio becomes an extraordinary experience.


Wireless mirroring and entertainment

As effortless as connecting to Wi-Fi, you can now cast onto the expansive console screen. Packed with third-party apps, EX-console is a gateway to unlimited entertainment.


Our designers have crafted an intuitive interface that caters to both seasoned users and non-tech-savvy individuals. Regardless of your level of digital expertise, the EX-console ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Backstage mode

The backstage mode will assist you to grasp and manage all essential information for your equipment. Set safety measures and run diagnostics regularly for your facility. Create a safe workout environment for your members while always staying on top of maintenance.


Pair with the Spirit Connect app and gain full control of your investment.

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