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The CRS800S+ Recumbent Stepper makes total-body exercise accessible for a wide variety of users. Regardless of age or physical ability, the CRS800S+ offers a variety of features that take the effort out of getting on and working out. The step-through frame design, retractable arm rests, and swiveling seat assembly allow easier machine entry/exit. The self-adjusting 2.5 to 32 cm linear step range not only accommodates limitations in range of motion, but also helps accommodate users of various heights. Multi-grip adjustable handles, oversized cushioned pedals with adjustable straps, adjustable armrests, and a 4-way adjustable high-density foam seat with 360-degree swivel create a comfortable workout experience. 

The electronics are designed to provide intuitive operation. The console features a large easy-to-read display with a variety of program options for users of all fitness levels, an integrated fan to keep clients cool, and a USB charging port for keeping their device charged. The convenient seat-mounted hand pulse grip sensors provide heart rate monitoring on demand.


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    • Linked upper and lower body linear pattern with a 1 to 1 ratio
    • Seat swivels 360-degrees making it easy to enter and exit the machine
    • Large multi-grip handles with a soft, textured coating for a secure grip
    • Armrest height is easily adjustable and retracts when not needed
    • Built-in Bluetooth FTMS Connects to Third Party Apps
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