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The CR800ENT+ incorporates touchscreen technology on a large 15.6” entertainment display. Users can screen mirror from their phone so they can watch whatever they want. Pre-loaded apps also give users the ability to stay entertained with popular streaming, news, and social media content. Connects to third party apps via Bluetooth FTMS. And if that isn’t enough, the facility can enable the ability to watch cable TV through an HDMI and cable box connection. The USB charging port, cooling fan, and user-intuitive design appeal to a wide range of users.


    • Large 15.6” touchscreen with screen mirroring, TV, and streaming/news/social media app

    • Oversized foot pedals with fast-latching system

    • 40 levels of resistance will keep your clients engaged during their entire workout

    • 3 different workout display modes give users a variety of workout feedback

    • Built-in Bluetooth FTMS Connects to Third Party Apps

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