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The CE850+ adjustable stride Elliptical Trainer combines our robust and compact front-drive elliptical design with the ability to customize your ideal stride motion from 457-610mm. Our narrow pedal spacing (Q-Factor), large cushioned pedals, and ability to simulate a walk/jog/run through electronically adjustable stride adjustment combine to give you the ultimate cardio workout for your users..


    • Electronically adjustable stride length from 457-610mm

    • Multi-position hand grips with remote resistance and stride controls

    • 20 levels of resistance to satisfy the needs of beginners or advanced exercisers

    • Dual track with shielded concave roller wheel system for superior stability and durability

    • 2 degrees of inversion at each foot pedal places the user in an anatomically correct position

    • Built-in Bluetooth FTMS Connects to Third Party Apps

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