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The CE800+ was specifically engineered for the commercial environment, from its heavy-duty steel frame to its premium console features. Its design focuses on convenience, comfort, reliability, and aesthetic appeal. Facility owners will have the peace-of-mind knowing they have a dependable machine while users experience a fluid total-body workout.


This unit uses a generator to power the console. Therefore, there is no need for an electrical hookup. Dual track with shielded concave roller wheel system for superior stability and durability.


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    • Smooth, quiet 508mm stride, which is the optimal distance for the average user

    • Generator powered console means there is no need for electricity

    • Dual rollers on each pedal arm for a sturdier base

    • 2 degrees of inversion at each foot pedal places the user in an anatomically correct position

    • 40 levels of resistance to satisfy the needs of beginners or advanced exercisers

    • Built-in Bluetooth FTMS Connects to Third Party Apps

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