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The CT800ENT+ treadmill includes an impressive combination of functional and technological advancements in a budget friendly treadmill. The oversized 15.6” touchscreen entertainment display allows users to screen mirror from their phone so they can watch whatever they want. Pre-loaded apps also give users the ability to stay entertained with popular streaming, news, and social media content. And if that isn’t enough, the facility can enable the ability to watch cable TV through an HDMI and cable box connection.


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    • Large 15.6” touchscreen with screen mirroring, TV, and streaming/news/social media apps

    • Multi-ply commercial belt for superior belt life

    • 3 different workout display modes give users a variety of workout feedback

    • Spacious 560 x 1525mm workout area to accommodate tall individuals

    • This unit comes equipped with a 3.0HP AC Drive with grade H insulation

    • Built-in Bluetooth FTMS Connects to Third Party Apps

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