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The CG800 eGlide Trainer was designed for groups/classes or individuals that like to create their own workout scenario in the commercial environment. It will appeal to both runners and cyclists as a cross-training modality that is full weight bearing, without the impact. The unique Patented Direct Drive System, optimally weighted pedal arms, dual-action handlebars, 2° inverted foot pedals, and stride length combine to create the perfect formula to ensure a frictionless stride. This motion creates what we call the "floating" effect. Once your clients reach a certain RPM, they will start to "float" and experience the smoothest possible gait pattern.


    • Patented Direct Drive System produces a unique workout experience.

    • Infinite resistance adjustments to satisfy every fitness level.

    • Telemetric heart rate for hands-free monitoring.

    • 30 lb. flywheel generates the optimum amount of inertia.

    • Battery powered console means there is no need for electricity.

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