One of the original HIIT workouts, a rotating-stair climber has been one of the toughest machines in the gym for more than 35 years. The Spirit StairClimber features a super sleek design, locking stairs for safety and the largest surface area on the market for multiple foot position training options. Added depth to the stairs keep toes from being pinched while feeling like a natural step motion.


    • Automatic stair locking when machine is not is use for entering or exiting the machine.
    • Color indication lights around the contact heart rate grips visually display when the machine is in use or standby mode.
    • Easy access maintenance panels on either side.
    • Resistance adjustment buttons on vertical contact HR handgrips.
    • Extra step-depth keeps shoes from being pinched.
    • Side rail coverings provides a secure grip under very sweaty hands.

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