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Café Chain Partners with Spirit Commercial Fitness for In-Store Gym

A global café chain has chosen Spirit Commercial Fitness as a partner for a new store concept that provides customers with space in which to work, and to work-out.

The store, created by the Taiwan-based Louisa Coffee, combines a traditional café space and the brand’s legendary coffee with a fitness center. Spirit Commercial Fitness, a subsidiary of Dyaco International Inc., is supplying the equipment for the fitness center, which includes cardio and strength machines as well as UFC-branded boxing equipment.

“Louisa Coffee enters the fitness industry at a time when many standalone gyms are struggling with health restrictions and lockdowns. The pandemic has also sparked a strong emphasis on personal health, and Louisa Coffee’s new concept, with help from Spirit Commercial Fitness, addresses both of those trends,” said Jeff Mo, Global Marketing Director for Dyaco International.

Louisa Coffee, which operates its own coffee roasting facility and more than 200 franchise locations, has named the store – Self Room Workout Place. This new type of café and fitness facility, injected with coffee, food, fashion, sports, and community, not only can help shield the owner from pandemic restrictions through diversification, but also promote a healthy lifestyle for people on the go.

Spirit Commercial and Dyaco International continue to be committed to creating fitness equipment and forming partnerships that meet consumer expectations, actively expand the layout of new markets and channels, increase global popularity, and maintain competitiveness and market leadership.

Learn more about Spirit Commercial Fitness at and Louisa Coffee at


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