About Dyaco

Dyaco provides fitness and physical therapy equipment to home users, commercial fitness operators and physical therapy facilities around the world.

With leading R&D facilities, a commitment to smart product design and world-class manufacturing processes, we bring fresh thinking to health, fitness and rehabilitation, combined with complete facility solutions and unparalleled customer support.


Dyaco is a business on the move. The company started life in 1990 as a Taipei-based trading company connecting global sporting brands with manufacturers in Taiwan.

Moving fast in a whirlwind of growth and competition, Dyaco invested in becoming a manufacturer itself, and with its own research and development facilities, is now emerging as a global brand portfolio business through product ownership, licensing, partnership and distribution agreements. Dyaco currently offers commercial and medical brands including Spirit Fitness, Johnny G, UFC, Philips and gym80; and home brands including Spirit Fitness Home, Xterra, SOLE and UFC.